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The Best customization Watches from China. We only provide the best Tudor swiss watches from the best luxury Replica Tudor swiss watch in the world.
A TUDOR watch is born to dare and their brand ambassadors personify this spirit perfectly. Each ambassador has been chosen for their ability to push limits and reach for the unknown, reflecting TUDOR and every timepiece.
A Tudor watch represents almost 100 years of innovation and history. The brand was founded in 1926 by Anglophile and watchmaking visionary Hans Wilsdorf. Since then, Tudor has enjoyed a reputation for crafting watches of quality and style.
With a rich catalog of iconic models to draw inspiration from, models in the Tudor Heritage line feature a larger contemporary size, as well as ever-evolving technologies for improved performance. Models like the Heritage Ranger perfectly capture the spirit of a bygone age. The Tudor Glamour range features elegant timepieces whose classical lines and sophisticated style are ideal for formal events.
Hans Wilsdorf was a man of unbridled energy, vision, and passion. Wilsdorf is best known as the founder of the legendary Rolex. But he was also someone who was not willing to coast by on his success. In February 1926 Wilsdorf asked the watchmaker Veuve de Philippe Huther to register the trademark "The Tudor" on his behalf. Thanks to the recognition of its sister brand, Rolex, Tudor quickly established a reputation for making watches of exceptional robustness and accuracy at a more accessible price. In 1936 Wilsdorf assumed full control of the company and it was at this time that the company logo, the famous Tudor rose, was born. For Wilsdorf, the rose was the perfect distillation of what a Tudor watch represented: a harmonious fusion of strength and grace.

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